What to do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

What to do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

Disasters happen. Apparently in the US (novabackup.novastor.com/blog/disaster-recovery-planning-for-small-businesses/) 74% of organisations have experienced data loss. 32% recover in a matter of a few days, at a cost, but 16% never properly recover. The same probably goes for British businesses. What if you have a flood at your office, for example, because your water tank burst overnight? Could your business survive?

What risks might your business face?

There's much more than flooding and other natural disasters to consider. There could be a virus attack, a fire or an explosion. Your machinery, systems or equipment could let you down for a multitude of reasons. There could be a dramatic, disruptive power surge or power cut, a theft or vandalism. User errors and accidents happen, and now and again dissatisfied employees can cause chaos. It probably won't happen to you... but that doesn't mean you're definitely safe.

Plenty of people buy special Business Interruption insurance, of course, which is designed to kick in with vital cash injection if the worst happens. But cash doesn't often resolve problems in itself, it's just a means to an end. It simply allows you to pay to have problems resolved and helps your business survive in the meantime.

It helps enormously to have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, even if your business is very simple and just involves a computer, phone and desk. Then, if the worst happens, you can simply swing into action and get back to normal in the shortest possible time.


A basic disaster recovery plan looks like this...

A basic disaster recovery plan is something every business, no matter how small, should formalise. It needn't be a huge, detailed document, It can be fairly simple. First you need to assess the risks you might realistically face. Next you need to pin down your business-critical systems, functions and processes, then predict roughly what financial and operational impacts they might have. After you've determined and documented your tactics for prevention, response and recovery, you can test your plan and see if it would work in a real-life situation.

Can a business support service like ours help you get back on your feet when something goes horribly wrong? Yes it can! Here are 15 ways we'll do exactly that.

15 ways we will help you recover after a crisis

1.Create a workable disaster recovery plan for you to follow if needed, including crucial data and computer system back-up protocols

2.Create a call tree procedure for you, detailing who gets called in what order if something goes badly wrong

3.Help with reconstructing electronic and physical filing systems from the bottom up

4.Answer your phones when you're too busy getting the basics back up and running

5.Print out reports and other documents for you

6.Help you reconstruct lost or damaged data and customer records

7.Support the insurance claim-making process, helping with paperwork and documentation

what to do when disaster strikes your business - sussex business bureau

8.Take and send out customer orders on your behalf

9.Send emails and letters explaining what's happened and reassuring customers

10.Handle your social media accounts

11.Source new office equipment at the best price, with the shortest lead times

12.Deal professionally with queries and complaints

13.Help relocate you to a new temporary or permanent premises

14.Keep your cashflow going with basic credit control and invoicing

15.If your website has been hacked or otherwise interfered with, set up security tools that will protect your online collateral better in future, including things like virus protection and off-site cloud storage for your data

Basically, it's our job to be on hand for you if things go pear shaped, ready to act in every practical way we can to get you back on your feet in the shortest possible time. In short, we're your belt and braces!

If you need short term support following an office disruption call Sussex Business Bureau on

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