New Year’s resolutions every small business should make

New Year’s resolutions every small business should make

It's that time of year again. First, there's the ultimate in self-indulgence in the shape of Christmas, followed by the pay-back when you make a set of personal resolutions to get back on track. But what about business? Is it worth making a bunch of commerce-led New Year's Resolutions? We think it's the ideal opportunity to drive positive change. Here are some small business resolutions you might find inspiring this year.

Do you need to do them all? No, just pick three priorities and diary the rest for later in 2019. In business a New Year resolution list acts as an excellent 'snagging list' for the year ahead.

21 small business New Year resolutions to make 2019 even better

1.If you're rubbish at something, delegate it. If you hate doing it, delegate it. If you're short of time, delegate it. There's a very good chance that someone else will enjoy it, do a better job of it, and take less time than you, and that makes them really good value for money.

2.Re-think ageing customer service protocols so they work better for your clients and tap better into people's use of modern media.

3.If your website isn't mobile friendly, make it so and give yourself the opportunity to rank in Google's mobile search index – you might find it delivers a flurry of new business.

4.If you haven't made your website secure with https, make it so. Again, a secure site might attract more punters than one that people assume is insecure in some way.

5.Is there anything you can do faster and better by tweaking your existing system?

6.Take time to examine all your customer feedback, identify patterns and make improvements. Remember complaints are really useful because they reveal where you're going wrong. Don't avoid them, consciously seek them out and fix them.

7.If you're not cyber-security qualified, contact someone who offers Cyber Essentials training and certification and get everyone at your place properly qualified. Good cyber security could save your business from certain death in 2019.

8.Can you personalise your marketing efforts better, for example sending different email messages to one-off buyers, frequent buyers and 'not bought yet' prospects? Make a resolution to find out.

9.What does your website sound like? Is it friendly for voice search, written the way ordinary people speak? If it's a mess of corporate language and jargon, make amends.

10.How happy are your employees? It's surprising how much happiness matters at work. Is there anything you can do to improve people's happiness quotient?

11.What are you still doing by hand that you can automate?

12.Do you examine the results of your marketing campaigns and use them to inform future campaigns? Do you know which social media work best for your company? Do you measure marketing success at all? Plenty of businesses don't, but it matters because not knowing what works best means you'll never really get the most from your marketing spend.

13.Make a note to keep an eye on any trends that might affect your business, products, marketing or performance.

14.Have you made the most of moving pictures? Video is incredibly powerful. If it makes common sense to create video content for your business, grab the opportunity.

15.Go greener by working remotely or letting your employees work remotely. You'd be horrified at how much CO2 even an ordinary office throws out into the atmosphere. Here's a link to some useful information. (

16.How's your blog doing? If you haven't blogged for ages, resurrect it. A blog remains one of the simplest and best ways to keep a website current and fresh.

17.Driven crazy by endless calls? Treat yourself to a good call handling service and 2019 will feel so much better.

18. Cashflow nightmares? Make it your business to get it sorted asap in the New Year, or find someone who's happy to spend time on the phone reminding about late invoices. Don't let it lie for any longer.

19.Not using social media for business yet? It's here to stay and everyone else's doing it, so you may as well bite the bullet. There's no need for it to eat up all your time and energy. Build yourself a common sense plan to interact at specified times of day, or find someone who can do it all for you.

20.Focus is important. But you also need to factor in time for daydreaming, so stop beating yourself up about it. Daydreaming is seen as a fault by many business owners, but scientists say it's essential for creativity, enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration.

21.Do you charge too little? It's common enough. Make sure you resolve to charge a decent amount from the New Year, at least to new clients.

Do any of these strike a chord? If so, this is the ideal time of year to mend your wicked ways and do business better. Here's wishing all our lovely customers a wonderful, magical Christmas and a profitable, happy 2019.