How To Divert Your Phone

How To Divert Your Phone

Whether it's your business line, your home line or your mobile phone diverting a phone to another number should be relatively simple.

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What is Call Divert?

Call forwarding or call divert as it's known, is a phone feature that allows users to redirect incoming phone calls from the intended number to another. In most cases you can divert to a mobile phone, another landline number or a voicemail. In some instances the incoming caller will be made aware that their call is being forwarded by the network, this is indicated by a specific dial tone.

Activating Call Diversion on mobile phones

Depending on your provider and package depends on your ability to divert your mobile phone but we have pulled out key diversion options from some of the top providers

For nearly all mobile phones, whatever your network, to divert all calls you will need to

Dial **21*enter number# then press call (or send).

Dial ##21# then press call to turn divert always off when you do not need it.

If you want to divert calls when you are busy, out of area or when you don't answer a call after a number of rings then some providers will allow you to do this.

O2 offer the following divert options

Not Reachable Divert

To activate ** 62 * phone number # SEND
To cancel ## 62 # SEND
To check status * # 62 # SEND

Not Reachable Divert

To activate ** 62 * phone number # SEND
To cancel ## 62 # SEND
To check status * # 62 # SEND

Divert calls when busy

To activate ** 67 * 901 # SEND
To cancel ## 67 # SEND
To check status * # 67 # SEND

Divert calls when there is no reply

To activate ** 61 * phone number * 11 * no seconds# SEND
To cancel ## 61 # SEND
To check status * # 61 # SEND

For further information about diverting your 02 phone visit,Kb=Companion,question=ref(User):str(Mobile),CASE=13448

Virgin offer the following call divert options

Cancel all diversions currently active on the service

From phone > Dial > #002# > call

Divert to predefined number immediately from phone > Dial > **21*x# > call
Replace x with the number you want to divert all calls to

Divert to voicemail if service is busy or engaged from phone > Dial > **67*212# > call

Divert to voicemail if the service is switched off or out of range from phone > Dial > **62*212# > call

For further details visit

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Once you have set up your Call Diversion, you will still be able to make outgoing calls as normal, but there will be a different dial tone than perhaps you are used to. If you find yourself needing to change the number that your incoming calls are redirected to, there's no need to cancel your Call Divert and start again, simply set up a new Diversion following the instructions above with the updated number.

Many Landlines can be simply diverted – though you may have to check with your landline phone provider that this facility is available to you

How to divert your landline to another phone number from the actual phone

If you have a BT phone you will be able to divert all calls by pressing *21*number to be diverted to#

If you have a BT phone and you want to divert calls not answered within 15 seconds press *61*number to be diverted to#

If you have a BT phone and you want to divert calls if your phone is engaged press *67*number to be diverted to#

To cancel the diversion – you will need to press #the divert code (21,61 or 67)#

For more information and details of how to divert your phone remotely see

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