29 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Telephone Answering Service

29 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Telephone Answering Service

Why do you need a telephone answering service - Sussex Business Bureau gives you 29 good reasons why.

Time is always precious in a business context. It's one of the most important resources. But when you run a small business, time management becomes even more critical. You need to save it, nurture it and make the best of every second of it.

One of the best ways to grab back lots of lovely time to spend growing your business is to use a telephone answering service. Here are 30 rock solid reasons why every small business deserves really good phone answering support.

What benefits will you get from a brilliant telephone answering service?

1.First and foremost, you can get cracking with essential tasks without constant interruptions

2.No matter how busy or preoccupied you are, your calls will be answered... and they'll be answered properly and professionally even when you're not in the mood!

29 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Telephone Answering Service

3.No more interruptions when you really need to concentrate

4.Many call handling services offer a free trial, so there's very little risk involved in giving it a go

5.The time you save means you can focus on essential stuff like growing your business, dreaming up innovations, marketing your wares and more

6.You don't have to be glued to your desk or office. Go out and your answering service handles all your calls

7.You don't have to find and hire a receptionist, saving literally thousands of pounds on a salary

8.It's so much easier to avoid unsolicited, time-consuming, energy-sapping cold sales calls

9.You can prioritise which calls are patched through to you, how, and when

10.You get to choose exactly how your calls are answered

11.You can forget about managing your own appointment diary and calendar – they may be able to do it for you and save even more time

12.The best services partner with you to act seamlessly, just like a department in your own business

13.You enjoy high levels of call handling consistency, boosting your professionalism and your brand's reputation

14.You can choose an 0330 number even if all you have is a mobile phone

15.Call handling makes it so much easier to be organised and stay organised, compartmentalising calls and prioritising them to perfection

16.Your clients get an excellent service throughout normal working hours and beyond

17.You'll never miss an important client call again

Why do you need a telephone answering service

18.Brief your call answering service to take messages and even take actual orders over the phone during working hours

19.The best call answering professionals let you tailor responses to the type of call, including scripts and bespoke briefings

20.Hire a call handler and your business suddenly appears magically bigger to the outside world

21.Phone messages are carefully stored and properly classified, sent to you at an appropriate time or times of day via text or email, which means you don't have to be in the office to access them

22.Paying as you go means you don't have to cope with contracts and set-up fees, and you only pay for the services you use

23.Monthly billing makes it convenient and simple

24.You get a dedicated account manager to look after your business interests

25.It's so much more professional than using an old-fashioned answering machine to handle business calls

26.There's no need to use your mobile phone to pick up work calls when you're on the go

27.You can sometimes also tap into the added benefit of call recording, something big firms frequently use to improve their customer service and inform staff training

28.Your employees are free to focus on their work, too

29. It's so much easier to achieve a sensible, enjoyable work-life balance

Arrange call answering now and test the water!

How might you benefit from using a call handling service? Why not give it a go and see? Let's chat about how we'll help you make business go better. There's no obligation, and you might just find it's a real game-changer!

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