10 Reasons Why Companies Need Business Support

10 Reasons Why Companies Need Business Support

According to The Telegraph, half of Britain's start-ups fail within five years. Some business owners blame the country's incredibly complex tax system. Some lay the blame at the feet of the still-dismal state of bank lending in Britain, and others say it's the stifling bureaucracy businesses have to deal with. The sheer expense of running a business is another big issue. But we think there's more to it.

Just because you set up a business it doesn't automatically mean you're brilliant at every single aspect of running that business. You might be a talented marketer but have a terrible head for numbers. You might be brilliant at filling in tax returns but dreadful at managing your time effectively. You might be a talented sales person but an administrative numpty! It's perfectly normal.

Nobody is perfect. It makes sense to acknowledge your talents but also admit to your failings, then find someone to plug the gaps between what you're great at and the areas where you're less than a star. And that's the biggest reason why companies need business support, whether you're running a start-up or an established organisation.

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Here are 10 more good reasons why business support services like Sussex Business Bureau might just prove the making of you.

  1. Seeing the wood for the trees – If you do everything yourself and you're constantly fire-fighting, you can soon develop tunnel vision. Expert support means seeing the wood for the trees, using fresh eyes to spot new opportunities, identifying simpler ways of doing things, finding missed and unexpected opportunities and more
  2. Getting business advice – A business support service like ours does a lot more than handling your admin overflow. We have been in business a long time and are ideally placed to provide vital business advice and assessments to help you thrive
  3. Freeing up your time – Apart from your staff, time is your most valuable business asset. Using a support service like ours frees up lots of lovely time to think, plan, analyse, sell more, enter new markets, find new audiences... in other words, do business better
  4. Finding your perfect work-life balance – Work is important. But your personal life deserves just as much attention, especially when there's family involved. Support from us can help you spend more time with the people you love as well as staying healthier, sleeping better and generally being a more relaxed, easier-going person to be with
  5. Moving to the next stage – Running a business is one thing, growing it is another. It can be enormously time consuming and resource heavy. We'll give you back the space and time you need to take your organisation to the next level
  6. Achieving perfection – Is your admin letting you down? Are you providing less than perfect customer service because of time constraints? Are you constantly moving important things off your 'to do' list for the day into the next day, or the next week? When a business runs like clockwork, when everything that needs to be done is carried out on time and to the right standard, everyone feels the benefit
  7. Entering cashflow heaven - Poor cashflow is a business-killer. We've seen it happen time after time. There's no need for things to get out of control when an outside expert takes on basic cashflow and credit control duties, sending gentle reminders about late payments and noting in what has come in and what is outstanding, and filling in accounts spreadsheets. Leave it too long to sort your cashflow out and you'll be sunk. Keep thing trickling along nicely and you're a lot more likely to make a success of things in the long term
  8. Being organised – Do you have time to give things like database management, arranging meetings, getting stuff printed and diary management the attention they deserve? A well-oiled business runs like clockwork, and once you've got to that stage it makes a business so much easier to run in all sorts of ways, without endless loose ends to tie, projects left hanging and work unfinished
  9. Marketing your business – You need to get your message in front of the people who matter, your target audience. In a competitive world it's more important than ever to keep on the marketing ball, creating new content for your website, making a suitable splash on social media, responding to your followers and fans in a timely manner, advertising in the right online and offline media, and more. It's all very time consuming. You could easily spend all day, every day marketing your business and not get anything else done. Drop the ball and your business soon suffers. Get help from business support experts who are marketing-savvy and you'll stand more chance of making the right impact
  10. Looking and sounding properly professional – Call handling, reception services, photocopying, mail forwarding, printing... it all takes time and effort. Imagine how good it'd feel to hand it all over and take a back seat and actually operate as the boss, not a rushed-off-your-feet jack of all trades

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If any of the above strike a chord, we'd love to discuss how we'll help you do things better, faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Let's talk.

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