​Call Handling – Claim Back Precious Time

If you spend most of your working day fielding phone calls, you'll know exactly how frustrating it can be. You start an important task only to be interrupted every few minutes, you keep losing your thread, and everything takes a whole lot longer than it needs to.

Luckily you can offload call handling to a team of expert professionals.

Our call handling service means your customers speak to a real person who can:

  • Take messages
  • Take orders
  • Take payments
  • Book appointments
  • Represent your company the way you would want it represented

You can read below about our top three call handling packages, but of course we can create bespoke packages to suit your call handling requirements.

If you have any questions, we'll be delighted to answer them for you. Call us on 01273 447111

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2 week free trial call handling services

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The Sussex Business Bureau Small business call handling packages are itemised below, but whatever your call handling requirements large or small we can create a bespoke package to suit your business needs.

The Observer package – From £33 +VAT a month

Our Observer package is perfect for start-ups who want a simple, effective and highly professional message-taking service.

Key essentials:

  • Our entry level service
  • Cost effective phone monitoring while you're away from your desk
  • Ideal for businesses with a low call volume who don't want to lose out on new business
  • Monthly contract or 3 month 'pay as you go'
  • 20 inclusive calls per calendar month

The Supplement package – From £60 +VAT a month

Our Supplement package is ideal when you want your call handling service to give callers basic company information.

Key essentials:

  • We act as a vital addition to your team without the expense of employing staff
  • Perfect when you get a regular flow of calls and regularly leave the office
  • More added-value services
  • Knowledge of your business
  • 50 inclusive calls per calendar month

The Interaction package – From £100 +VAT a month

Our Interaction package provides a seamless service where callers feel they're talking direct to your business.

Key essentials:

  • Ideal when simply passing on messages isn't enough
  • Seamless communications that feel like they're from your office
  • Additional business support, information and discounts on other services
  • 110 inclusive calls per calendar month

In addition to our call handling packages, we also provide....

Bespoke call handling – Especially for you

We'll be delighted to create a bespoke package for your organisation that suits you down to the ground, for example setting up a dedicated customers services enquiry line. Just ask.

Call handling for holidays and maternity leave

We provide a variety of small business holiday cover services, based on our three core call handling packages. If you want to enjoy a break with peace of mind, knowing your calls are being handled professionally while you're away, get in touch to talk through the possibilities.

Here's how our Peacehaven-based call centre works:

  • We provide a unique phone number to divert your landline and mobile to
  • We answer your calls politely and professionally in your company name
  • You can divert calls permanently, or as and when you need to
  • We answer calls Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm, with no tea or lunch breaks
  • We provide out of hours call cover thanks to a fully automated system that delivers email messages to you instantly
  • We send you emails detailing important messages as soon as they come through
  • We send you an end of day report summarising calls received that day

Let's talk call handling

We have a specially designed call handling questionnaire to help you identify the best package.

Read about our Flexible Approach to doing business

To set up professional call handling for your business, call the team on 01273 447111.

2 week free trial call handling services

Claim your 2 week Call Handling Services trial now - CLICK HERE

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